Cycling for charity

Yusef Ahmed - 18 May 2016

I've been cycling for quite some time now and when I heard about BetterPoints last year through the Birmingham Cycle Revolution I was keen to take part. I have mainly been cycling to and from college and I have increased my level of activities since downloading the app. It's so easy to use and helps motivate me to do more. I found that it gave me that extra push to get out on my bicycle, especially in winter when most of us don't really feel like going out in the cold or wet weather.


I've redeemed some vouchers to use for myself, but I felt it was important to give back to the community so I decided to use some of my points to make donations to my favourite charities like ChildLine, Cancer Research & the NSPCC. One of the requirements for my college course is to raise funds for charities and I thought what better way than doing a task I do almost every day and benefitting the amazing work done by these particular charities.


I have been encouraging others to use the app and will continue to spread the word. It's made a big difference in my life already, I feel fitter and healthier because of it. I find that the fact that mileage and speed are shown on each activity helps motivate me, gives me a visual reminder of how much I am doing.


My advice to anyone thinking about using the app is don't delay, you'll feel so much better for it and if you can get vouchers or give to charity along the way, then great.